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Sunday, October 31, 2004

PARTY ALERT: WickedJazzSounds - Last One at Club Zyon

Well, it's finally here!

If you've EVER been to WJS, you gotta come out tonight and say goodbye to our home at Club Zyon!

ALL members of the family are required to attend!
(OK, not required, how about ENCOURAGED STRONGLY? ;)

Featuring the amazing audio stylings of:

Phil Horneman (dj)
Urvinson (dj)
Renske Skills (vibemaster)
Jeff Hollie (sax)
Live musicians

Don't miss this farewell to a great venue!
ALL the cool kids are going to be there, you should too!

The Posse and friends are meeting at Daan's for a pre-party party!

Gonna be a LONG night!!! ;)

God only knows what they have planned, the site is unusually cryptic on the subject...

But your intrepid raconteur has heard rumbles from far and wide about the extraordinarily high anticipatory excitment level around this event!