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Thursday, October 21, 2004

Party Report #13: 17OCT04 WickedJazzSounds at Zyon2

I can't even believe how good this night was! So many different things were going on, 3 or 4 birthdays, the impending departure from Club Zyon, Esther was playing and the club was packed! I had to roll down from Noord and it was a long trip! I'm in decent shape, but six weeks of this will definitely make me a good bit stronger... I got to the club by 0030 and I caught some hell for being "late"! Daan and Lous, Caspar and company, Rob brought Eva, Yen Ling was there with friends from work. My friend Armando was there too! Aad was there, and Renske wasn't... Bernice was on the mike and all of the usual suspects were in place for a night that we won't soon forget!

Tim and Esther switched gigs for the night, he took pics and she spun the wheels of steel... Anybody that has gone through the WJS web site and seen the bios knows that our girl Esther has done some serious command time at the decks, but that couldn't have prepared us for the onslaught of seriously wicked tunes she was throwing down on the crowd! It was a good bit housier that "usual", but the response was passionate! The buzz about last night's show is still reverberating through the WJS community. (I'll tell the rest of that story at the end ;)

Anybody that was there could have noticed that I spent a good bit more time than usual on my feet, this had as much to do with my lovely dancing partner for most of the evening as it did with the lekker tunage. Between the two, I was in heaven! I looked (and felt!) like I was on a big X run, but I hadn't touched a bit! I've become quite enamored of this meisje since last Saturday! It's pretty easy to see why...

The Posse was in full effect, they are so fun to hang with! Eva brought a cam and we all took pics. (She put them up in the WickedJazzSounds Group that I cranked up at Y'all may want to check that out!!! It'll be in Engels soon too...) We were all over the place! I kept getting up and dancing with Eva! (I'm still kinda sore ;) The music was SO freakin hot! DJ Phil joined in with Esther, Jeff was great (!) and Bernice, well, she's always fun to see! I asked her to say hi to Manon for me... ;) We got to dance a bit and talk some too! (I'm such a fan!) I asked her and some of our other favorite WJS types about how a night can be this consistently spectacular! It's obvious that our beloved WJS Artists are very into what they do and the fact is that WE love what they do too! There's a whole lotta love in the room! It seems to be as simple as that! I got basically the same answer from everybody I asked! (They MUST Talk about that?!? I'll find out! ;) Of course, I don't know if y'all are having as much fun as me and the Posse are every edition of WJS... Sure looks like it though!

So having an enforced WJS break is the next item here, I asked about that too, as it weighs heavily on our hearts... ;) They still don't know where we're gonna get to go out and play on Sunday nights! I'll share as soon as Manne lets me know, I promise! It looks like we're gonna have a break of about a month... The crew needs it, I can understand that! We'll get to see some new stuff during the break, which is always good. I'll sure feel better when we know the deal though!

I had so many people tell me that they've stopped by and checked out (and liked!!!) this humble blog! (The stats are definitely up!) Manne has linked me from the WJS site too! Major changes, all good, are coming soon! We'll be running this show from (www's are for wwwimps!) I'm totally geeking out on it, I promise much more fun! I'm hoping to have this moved by the weekend, but y'all know me...

I'll launch the new address at Sunday's WJS, ask me for a card! I'll be flattered, echt waar!

I stayed after the lights came up, as long as I don't hold up any civilians, Manne doesn't yell at me to go home ;) I got to hang with the crew for a bit... (I usually do that early) I got to tell Bernice a bit about what WJS means to me...I got asked about the beautiful meisje I was dancing with ALL night long on several occasions too! So good for the ego, I'd have to admit! (Hi, MM!)

But the real reason I stayed was so that I'd get to grab Esther and tell her how much I enjoyed her show! It was SO cute! She got shy! She said that she'd been unable to sleep the night before, that she really wanted to take WJS in her direction for the night. WickedAssSounds, she called it and she succeded!!! I couldn't help but get up and dance! Very theraputic! Watching her and Phil spin was especially interesting too, they still play well together... ;)

So, I rolled home to Noord, first through Centraal Station, on to the ferry (they're SO cool! I love riding them!!!) Then home. Got a bit lost, but not bad (Hey, I was distracted...)

What a Night!

Thanks Y'all...