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Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Party Report #14: WJS at Zyon2 (Only one left!!!)

After being stuck in all week due to equipment problems with the rolstoel, I'd gotten the thing fixed on Saturday... I was on my way down to the ferry, towed by Bjorn, when an obscured obstacle in the street literally tore off my left front fork! Snapped the freaking bolt right off...

I almost called an abort right then... Would have been a serious mistake though! Cooler heads prevailed... I was close enough to the ferry and I knew I could get from Centraal Station to Zyon without any impassable obstacles. Maneuvering a three-wheeled rolstoel through the streets of Amsterdam is a real challenge! (And not exactly what you'd call safe, but I had plenty of time and my motivation couldn't have been higher! This IS WickedJazzSounds we're talking about here!) I'd have to taxi home though... :(

So, I get to the club early (Even for me!) and settle in... with a beer and a bowl of mighty buds! (Kadinsky's AK-47, actually... Lekker!) I'm warming up a bit, then Urvinson starts to play "Golden" by Jill Scott, the newest WJS Classic! How I love that tune... So that's my cue to start airing it out! Dancing on three wheels is geen problem when you usually only use two! ;) It was MY dancefloor, kids! It almost felt like a private party at first (and at the end too!) Someday, I'll throw my very own private WJS Party... Family only! (Y'all will be invited, of course!)

Slow rise, long fall... this one!

Eva showed up (and looking so good, too!) with her colleagues from! (Koen was seriously rocking out! We have proof! see below... ;) Y'all party people need to check out their site! (Go NOW, I'll wait ;) It's a web/SMS based communications system that we've invaded and called our own! We have a WickedJazzSounds Hyve set up where we can dish the scene... It's fun and free to hook-up with us online! Just do it!

Better Partying Through Technology... (Gotta love that, campers, it's required!!!)

(BTW: Tell them I sent you, please! Eva's on the rampage, inviting most of Amsterdam and the vicinity to join Hyves!!! ;)

So, Caspar and Rob show up and I've got a posse! (Then things start to get really interesting... ;) Daan was in Bournemouth, hanging with our boy, Rutger. Maaike came off the MIA roll, she was missed!

It's always SO good to see all "my" WickedJazzSounds Girls and a nice bunch were in attendance! I continue to spend increasing amounts of time dancing on my feet too! (Which SO freaks the newbies out... ;)

We were lucky enough to have the most spectacular line-up of talent on hand for tonight's session! I'm admittedly biased, but our crew is made up of some of the best DJ's in Amsterdam! (You can't swing a cat without hitting a DJ here... at least in the places I'd be swinging one! ;) Boris and Reuben, Leroy and of course, Phil and Urvinson made the scene rock SO hard!!! They were even team spinning with ALL five up on the gear! It had been tried before, with mixed results, (and only four participants) but they got it right tonight!!! Waaaay cool, guys!

So the night ended... they always do, damn it!

I knew that I was taxiing home... So I stayed after with the crew! We talked about all kinds of stuff... Leroy and Renske talked to me about why WJS is SO very much fun! I told them a bit about exactly all of this does for me, too! We also talked about the MOVE It's getting down to the wire! They need the break, but we shouldn't have to worry about being on a reduced schedule for too long. (I hope!)

Aad joined the "Passenger Club" too! There was plenty of room to move, of course, and the music had started back up (albeit somewhat quieter) I asked if she wanted to go for a "spin" ;) I've never dumped the chair with a girl on my lap and fortunately, my record remains unbroken! My cuddly passenger seemed to enjoy the ride... I did too, of course! I got up on two wheels and did some slow spins, then I droped back to level and sped it up a notch. Aad's eyes got wide and a smile lit up her face!

My "passengers" get a tiny taste of what it feels like to fly around at low altitude on a dancefloor, which is actually amazing fun and the only thing (besides the parking... ) I'll actually miss when I leave the wheels behind... (I'll have to keep one handy to play in occasionally tho, Renske said so! ;)

With the possible exception of passengers, (calling them lap dances seems a bit tacky... ;) dancing vertically is just more fun! (and feels so much sexier...) Maybe it's not as impressive, but I'm honestly not going out to impress people with my rolstoel skills, as much as I love the attention!
(and you know I do! ;)

I'm there to relearn and practice the critical stuff I need to be happy and healthy. For example, how to have serious amounts of fun, making (and keeping!) lots and lots of friends, and interacting comfortably with attractive women! I was pretty good at all this before, but I got WAY out of practice...

Fortunately, it's a bit like riding the proverbial fiets!
(It's not bad being me these days!)

Got to a taxi, over in front of the Albert Heijn, and made my way home!

Let's do it again next week!

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