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Saturday, October 02, 2004

Party Report #6: Weds 29SEP04 - Part Two: Paradiso

It was a triumphant return to Noodlanding for your rolling raconteur and his Merry Band...

Party Report, Part Two: Paradiso

After a short ATM/Mc Donald's run (Yeah, sometimes you just gotta...) across the Leidseplein, Daan and I got to Paradiso for Classic Noodlanding: Locals Only right around 2400. (BTW: Babylon says that: • noodlanding = n.forced landing. Just in case you were curious... I was! :•)
Yen Ling showed up with another friend from work, she had caught up on some sleep and looked particularly great! We drank a couple (more ;) beers and Dann's services as a superlative roller were employed ;-) the crowd started to diffuse out onto the dance floor and the party went up like SpaceShipOne!
The music was "classic" by any definition, we sure enjoyed it! (I just Gotta start keeping notes! And pics when there's no pro shots! Especially needed them for this report! :-)
I was dancing with a whole bunch of pretty girls! I was wearing my WickedJazzSounds T-shirt that says "Dance With A Smile" on the front and this beautiful girl said she really liked it and asked where she could get one. So I went into WJS Recruitment mode and told her about this Sunday's 2 Year Anniversary Party at Club Zyon... (Shameless plug, huh? True story tho!) Maybe she'll make it, many do. You simply never know. I ran into another that I'd met a month or so ago, but she'd changed her hair color and I didn't recognize her... Cool, huh? (Gets worse, kids... I was dumb enough to lose the email address she gave me too :-( I've taken steps to avoid this kind of lameitude in the future...) So I was forgiven, apparently... She was very nice to me... even joining my "Passengers Club" ;) I ended up losing her in the crowd as the night wore on, but I wasn't too crushed... I had a very nice group of mooie meisjes deployed around me in a semi- circle for a good little while, sorry we don't have pics... We were in our customary stage right corner/side location at that point. Yen Ling and Daan were usually watching my back, friends do that stuff...
Did I mention how terrific Yen Ling was? She was dancing like she was on swivels and springs, kinda like a much cuter version of Tigger... She just sparkled and glowed all night! When she's fully on, she dances with her eyes mostly closed and a sexy little smile on her face... Way fun to watch! (No, it's not like that with us, campers... and you'll have to check out the forthcoming Cast List to hear about why, but I'm definitely a BIG fan ;-)
At some point, Yen Ling decides that we should be dancing in the center of the room, so we make our way through the crowd then just stop in the center and start dancing again... Fortunately, this crowd was somewhat clued in and it worked out really well! I had to start enforcing the "No Joyrides on the Dancefloor" policy. Sorry, campers... I started going past the one song at a time limit dancing on my feet, (!) so lots of people wanted to take the rolstoel out for a spin. Firm, but friendly, works well, people tend to be pretty cool about it. (Bedankt Mensen!)
So the night was pretty terriffic! Thanks to ALL the nice people I danced with, most especially the geweldig meisjes! Mad respect to our Locals Only DJ's and the Staff at Paradiso, too! Y'all Rock!!!

Done! Goin' out again...

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