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Friday, October 29, 2004

What is YOUR favourite WJS Song?

Tell us all about it, campers!

(The only criteria would be that you heard it and loved it at a WJS session...)

Do you have a Top5?!? (or a top 2 or 3?)

(My own top two would have to be "Givin' it Up" by Incognito and the newest WJS classic, "Golden" by Jill Scott.)

I'm gonna make up a WJS compilation CD for Eva's verjaardag,
which we'll be celebrating at DE KRING on 13 NOV!!!
(Cause there ain't no birthday like a WickedJazzSounds Birthday! I should know...)

AND because I'm such a nice guy... ;)

I'll burn a copy for anybody that contributes to the list!
So we'll all have something hot to listen to on those cold, dark Sunday nights to come... ;)

(Anybody want to do some "Wicked" cover art??? Let me know!)

Send your WJS Favourites to me via comment below, or email them to