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Sunday, October 17, 2004

Whoa! What a weekend...

It's been nuts! I Moved to Noord on Friday and went to Paradisoul on Friday night... more on that later. On the way home, I was being towed by Bjorn, I managed to pick up a chunk of glass that penetrated the full thickness of my "bomb-proof" tires! (We were going pretty fast... ;) If I'd had regular tires and tubes, it would have been a pretty spectacular blowout, as it was, it just leaked slowly which got us home by about 0630...
So I'm awake by noon and remember that I got issues to deal with! I call the bike shop and ask if they can help me out... They can! (the tires/tubes are specialty items and are extremely difficult to work with, I can fix a tire... ;) Then I call Jan and see if he's running around... He is! At stake is my Sunday Night at WickedJazzSounds and it's Daan's B-day Celebration, (with the Posse and a bunch more of my favorite people in attendance!) So this is a Crash Priority mission!
Failure is NOT an option!
Fortunately, the Gods are smiling and all falls right into place. (Yeah, I know... ;)
I also did my first roll home across Noord from Centraal Station, it's quite a haul, kids!!! Exhausting wouldn't be the word... I thought I was in pretty good shape before, (well, I am!) but this extra distance is gonna be crazy! Gimme a month...
I like Noord, I've done suburb time, but this is much cooler than most, so far anyway... I'll tell y'all all about that later.
I still owe a Party Report for Friday night's Paradisoul and I will get it in! The music was great, I met some really nice people and danced with a bunch more! As usual... ;)