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Saturday, November 20, 2004

I get the nicest comments...

Robert writes:
Todd, I really like your blog, your life looks like a big party, nice change from your past. What homeopathic remedies are you using that are helping you?

My reply:
Thanks Robert!

Very glad you like my work! Living it sure is fun!!!

While life's not ALWAYS a party, (not even for me! ;) my balance has
definitely shifted from one extreme to the other as I find my way

I can refer ya to my practitioner for more specific information if
you'd like, but I was on a number of homeopathic agents...

My constitutional is aurum (Gold), I used opium to get off the high-dose morphine and silica (AKA the homeopathic knife) has been quite effective for reducing the cause of my chronic pain, which was severe nerve impingement from scar tissue that kept my plantar nerves in both feet irritated and sore. I took rustox or pulsatilla for episodic pain depending on the character of the pain. There have been several others, but these are the hits!

As a former R.N., who was raised by generations of them, I grew up seeing how homeopathy had been "discredited" by the medical establishment...

It was practiced by charlatans, who dispensed placebos...

Why wouldn't I believe that? I was a licensed, card carrying member!

A friend of a friend recommended that I talk to this Dutch guy, Ben.
So I humored her by agreeing...

When I met him, I was impressed by two things; First, that he was a big "freak" with a heart of gold! 20 years in India will make your character take some interesting turns... Second, he had a sharp, clinical mind, honed by the same experience in India, where homeopathy has a MUCH larger following than most places. I felt I could trust him and I had real serious trust issues by that point.

Besides, placebos won't hurt, right?
(The VA tried them on me when the anesthesiologists were evaluating me for the Pain program... "Faked" pain goes away with fake drugs while REAL pain doesn't! Mine didn't, of course...)

The homeopathic agents weren't placebo, that's for sure! The experience was much different, the results subtle but cumulative. Much faster than I had a right to expect, too!

The outcome speaks for itself! My body has responded beyond my wildest dreams, my head is taking a bit longer, which is to be expected... But we're working on that too!

Thanks again for the kind comments, I hope you keep stopping by! I'll keep writing this stuff as long as it's fun!


And finally, his reply to my reply...


Thanks for the uplifting e-mail, I love to read about people suceeding and experiencing joy. I hope you continue to write as it seems you have been blessed with one hell of a life.



Gotta love that!

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