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Thursday, November 11, 2004

PARTY REPORT #16: Classic Noodlanding at the Paradisco! 10NOV04

Right in the middle of a truly fascinating week, (Being facetious, kids! It SUCKED up to this point! You wouldn't believe me...) it's almost 0100 and my mobile goes off... "What the hell?!?" It's Daan... "Whuzzup, D?" I ask, "I'm in the car and coming to get you, Paradiso tonight!" he says enthusiastically. "But it's so late!"I started to protest, I had been on the way to bed!

But my Chief of Posse was having none of it, he knew I was needing to get out, even with the big weekend (!) coming up. Wednesdays at Paradiso ARE a personal favourite... hadn't been in entirely TOO long... (3 whole weeks! ;) AND a ride there and back! Hmmm... I wavered and rapidly crumbled

Not too hard to imagine my utter and total lack of self-control when tempted by the yummy thoughts of a Classic Noodlanding...

So Daan came up and hung out for a bit while I finished getting my act together... Gotta be clean to go out and play with the girls! Daan was giving me shit... "You're only gonna be sweaty in an hour anyway!" (He was right, but at least I didn't smell bad... ;)

We set a land speed record from Noord into town, Daan's driving was quite impressive, even with the limited restraint(no hand braking on the turns... ;) he showed for the borrowed vehicle. We found a parking place really close too!

So we roll up the private entrance to the Paradisco and dive right in! It's straight up 0200 and the dancefloor is PACKED to the rafters (and the main floor is one of the bigger spaces in town...) I lead the way in when we literally run into Yen Ling! We hugged ferociously! I didn't even dare hope to see my cuddly little buddy ("But I don't WANT to be cuddly!" she'll be saying right about now... ;) The girl just can't help it!) tonight, but here she was! My night was MADE and I just got there! Haven't seen much of her since I moved to Noord, I missed her!

Yen Ling is an amazing friend. (I had SUCH a crush at first though... That happens a lot! She handled it SO well, she's a classy meisje!) We have a real mutual admiration society going! I missed hanging out with her (and her friends!) more than I'd realized...

She went to the ladies while Daan and I went to the designated rally point... Did I mention it was crowded? Oh, I did... ;) But the kids at Classic know to spread out a bit when I'm there and with Daan AND the lovely Yen Ling clearing a perimeter for me, I was set to dance!

I started out in the chair and was getting my proverbial groove on when an especially beautiful girl (In a room that was chock FULL of attractive women!) came up to me. She was lovin' the moves I was making and told me so! She had done some volunteer stuff around wheelchair sports and was chuffed to see me rocking out! (Not as chuffed as I was to have her tell me about it though! I was quite particularly flattered by her kind attention...)

You simply have to admire a girl that would go out of her way to say something really sweet to a guy in a chair that she'd never even seen before... It's not as common as the waves, smiles and upraised thumbs I usually get(LOTS!) from the kids at the Paradisco

(Houston, we have a crush! But don't worry, kids... If I don't get distracted by anything like encouragement [God Forbid! ;)] the next one will come along soon... a little bit juvenlie? Maybe, but I'm out here dancing every week!)

She asked me "the question", of course, so I tell her the story and that I'd be vertical for a bit when the right song hit, any time now... The right song was next!

Linda was at Classic with friends tonight (Nice ones too! I got to dance with them, but I only met Diane... She was extremely sweet! Lekker danser ook!) and she's not a regular, I'd have remembered! She's a REAL Amsterdammer, born and raised here... What I found impressive was that she is SO proud of this place! I meet so many people from here that have a bit more jaded view... She feels the magic here!

So we were dancing to a hot Green Day mix, and Yen Ling mentions that she could remember when that song came out. I could too, of course. (I was married and in Baltimore...) Try as she might though, Linda had a bit more trouble, but she's only 20. "Just how old do you think I am?" I ask the pretty redhead (Did I forget to mention that? ;) with a quizzical smile and arched eyebrow. I think YL started laughing at this point, she's played this game before... "I think you are... 27" she says with a smile. "Oh! I LIKE you, pretty girl!" I said, hugging her close as I whisper "I'm 41.." Her jaw drops and those eyes get SO wide."NO, really?" she asks, incredulously. "Oh yes, it's true! Just ask Yen Ling! I got a REAL miracle going here! " She does ask and YL verifies, laughing. (I've had to produce ID at times!)

Bjorn says that the age a girl guesses is the age she wants me to be... If THAT'S true, I'd have a real good excuse to lie... Lots would, I'd be willing to bet! But I can't do that. (At least no one has run away acreaming yet! ;)

The music was, well, classic! Dion and Willem were workin it hard, I love hearing the mixes of all those cool old songs! We have our "anthems" but other than the stuff we demand to hear on at least a semi-regular basis, you still just never know what's up next... Regular Noodlanding (Thursdays) is fun too, but the crowd makes the crucial difference and IMHO, the fun kids come on Wednesdays and the "cool" kids show for Thursday. It wasn't like this over the summer, but it does make sense now...

The floor was beginning to open up, I'd spent so much time on my feet! (Bedankt meisjes!) YL was SO proud! I was too...

So it was finally time to air it out on wheels for real! I threw that chair around, doing the upper body part of my Mokum Dancefloor Workout ;) I had two beers all night, so the buzz I was on was mostly from endorphins and pretty girls! Oh, and a hash joint or two... ;) And I danced hard!

I was making people (besides me, of course!) positively dizzy with the spins I was doing! (I am SO gonna miss those... ;) But the party was drawing to a close... We HAD gotten there late, but it was such a good time! Seeing Yen Ling was great! Daan, well, he da man!

But it's the girls I am so very fortunate to get to meet, dance with and get crushes on, that make MY life worth living every day... Things seem to be progressing well, I am certainly shoving hard at the edges of the envelope. I do this for me, of course, but they keep me going...

I'll find that speciaal meisje someday and the lightning will strike, until then, I'll keep dancing!

and I won't EVER be squeamish about going late to Classic again... ;)