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Thursday, November 18, 2004

PARTY REPORT #17: Eva's Verjaardag at Cafe Suite 12NOV04 (Work also in Progress!)

Blogger ate my homework! (again...) This is the second time I've written this post...
(Yeah, I know.... "When will HE learn?!?" ;)

I was invited to the mooie Eva's birthday party at Cafe Suite tonight! As if I'd miss that...

I get to Suite about 2130, very nice place! Eva looked great too! There was a good crowd, I'd met many of them before and have partied with a good handful of them around town! Rob was there, of course! (Posse in da house! ;) We had a blast!

I got to meet Eva's sibs, Ferco and Donna, which was really interesting... Watching the interaction between them explained a lot... ;) Ferco is 19, intelligent and exuberant! Donna is 16, doesn't miss a thing and is such a character... Eva's the sweet big sis and their biggest fan!

Gonna have to compliment their parents on "a job well done" when I get a chance! They're an impressive trio, those Kol kids...

It was really great to see all the Hyvers present, I'd only seen many of them in pics before... (I just had an idea! How about a big "Hyvers Only" party at the 6 month point... Who wants to wait for a year? Not THIS party critter! ;)

The vibe was so chill and we had a really good time hanging out, socializing and drinking. Eva was on Pepsi, and she used the energy to play the hostess/guest of honor! She spent quality time with everyone there!