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Sunday, December 12, 2004

Oh Kids, De Kring SO rocked!!!

After a Posse pre-party, lots of ETOH (That's alcohol for us medical types... ;) and a bit of THC, we rolled up to De Kring before 2430 for a spectacular night of WickedJazzSounds!

A lot of my favourite people showed up, and it was typically wonderful! (X would've been redundant on a night like this, kids!)

I got to hang with Casper, (Merle wasn't there tho...) which was way cool! We talked for awhile, his brother was there and he was having a boy's night out of sorts!

Daan, Caspar, Bjorn and I were joined by Rob (who had a great time today! ;) and our newest local posse member, my good friend Pete (who brought me to my very first WJS show all those months ago! This is all HIS fault ;) and our friend Roy for a truly great night! Renato made it too!

The lovely Eva was in fine form! (She brought Danielle(!) and Ben to their first WJS tonight and Roger was hanging out with us too!) Maria showed up! (I missed her! ;)

Oh, and I got the BIG news... Manne and Phil just signed WJS's first record deal! We're gonna get an Official WJS CD!!! (I'll acutally have to buy THAT one ;) How freaking cool is THAT?!? I almost predicted it, actually... ;) Maybe not... It's not quite the first time that the idea of a WJS compilation has been batted about... But I've ALWAYS believed this magical stuff we call WickedJazzSounds would sell!

Speaking of cool... I got my boy Greg from Baltimore squared away on Hyves just now... It's early in the AM and I gotta crash bad!

Next Saturday... INNERCITY!
It promises to be a BIG night... Large and in charge! ;)

PARTY REPORT follows...