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Thursday, December 02, 2004

PARTY REPORT#20: WickedJazzSounds at Blijburg! 20NOV04 (Work in progress...)

Yet another triff night! Intiem en helemaal lekker! I'll post ASAP!!! There are too many pretty girls waiting to see what I'll be writing about them... ;) Bedankt meisjes! Can't keep 'em waiting! (TOO long, anyway... *grin*)

Well, it was longer (lots) than I thought, but here goes...

I got to the middle of nowhere on the bus... Long trip, but it was to see family! Turned out I wasn't alone, fortunately, as it turns out!

Bliburg was kinda visible in the distance, but the way was not clear... Rolstoels aren't made for sand! I wouldn't have gotten there unassisted and just as we were starting to scratch our heads, a car pulled up and we got a ride the rest of the way!

Nobody thinks of this stuff in advance, not even me! Once I got there, Manne and Phil were like, "How did you?!?..." "With help!" was my reply. I assured them that they would have heard from me if I had needed an assist! Not gonna miss a WickedJazzSounds stuck on the beach... in November, especially!

Eva and Caron were waiting for me in the big room, this place was really VERY chill! Big ol' fireplace burning cheerily, sand on the floor. I was having flashbacks of all those beach/boat clubs back on the Illinois river during my childhood... Great memories!

Back on THIS river, the IJ, (I've been running a boat up and down it and in and out of the city all summer!) we were having dinner with the big kids! Urvin, Manne and Phil joined us with Gil and we talked WJS shop, of course!

Dinner was nice, the food was good and the company pleasant!

But we were there to dance!

Daan and Caspar rolled in as the tables were being cleared and our very favourite DJs took command! Phil and Urvin are so much fun to hear anywhere, but WJS is home...

The beer starts flowing and and so do we all! Daan rolls so good... ;)

The crowd was great! It's not a big place, but it's truly gezellig... We were all over it. But the most interesting part for your intrepid raconteur is, of course, the girls! I have four to talk about, besides Eva, of course!

It was a big night for pretty girls to come up to talk to me!

(In alphabetical order, of course... ;)

First, Barbara... Yummy brunette, she was so sweet and rather classy! She'd seen me before and was very kind... So nice to talk with too! Intelligent girls SO rock... Wish I'd spent more time with her!

Irma has shorter darker hair and glasses (I LIKE girls that wear glasses! They're getting increasingly rare...) and she was SO funny! She was dancing all over the place... and talking just a bit of trash... ;) Cute!

Joyce was spectacular! Another cuddly brunette, she just had to congratulate me on my progress since she'd seen me last! The girl was fully on for this WJS gig! We did the most dancing together, including a couple of numbers onstage!!! But the piece-de-resistance was when she heard a song that "got her through" some really rough times... and proceeded to sing it to me! (and this was just after Eva's verjaardag bash and MY WJS singing debut. Good stuff comes back fast!) Phil provided her with the title/act so I could find it later, which I did, it's on now: "Believe" by Ministers de la Funk ft. Jocelyn Brown! (Thx Phil!) I was so very touched... She got MY attention!

"If you believe... You'll find a way!"
"Believe it, believe it, recieve it and live it!"

Last, but most certainly not least, would be the lovely Sanne! Blonde and gorgeous, she was een beetje shy... (I like shy!) She was at my own, now legendary, birthday celebration at WJS in August! (I'll say it again: There ain't NO birthday like a WJS birthday!) It was a particularly fuzzy night, but even I couldn't forget that pretty face! (Her name was another matter entirely... she was kind enough to gently remind me ;) Dancing with her was so nice, Sanne gets that sexy look on her face when she dances...

BTW: What is it about blondes named Sanne? I know three (!) and they're ALL dancy and interesting, besides being SO very pretty! But the three Barbaras that I've met this year are brunettes that certainly fit this description too... Hmmmm, maybe it's where I've been meeting them? ;)

So where was Eva during all of this? I really wasn't paying so much attention... Until a trip to the john... When I came back, I saw Eva on one of the corner couches in the bar kissing a boy! Caron was the lucky recipient... (I will spare y'all the sordid details of Eva's recent break-up with what's his name... Let's just say she's on the rebound, ok?)

I was a bit startled, but not too shocked and certainly not mad! I caught looks from Daan and Caspar when I got back, apparently they'd been cuddling for a while... Like I wasn't thoroughly entranced by the quartet of beauties on the dancefloor myself... I just kept on dancing!

Eva and Caron came back out on the dancefloor and she gave me that "I'm sorry if I've been bad" look that could melt an Aircraft Carrier and says, "I just felt like kissing!" I could understand that, I passionately believe that pretty girls should be kissed, thoroughly and often! It's usually preferable (to me... ;) if I'm the one doing the kissing, (and it's been known to happen... I had a great summer! ;) but one can't have everything!

It's not like I wasn't having a terriffic night! I didn't feel "ditched", my buzz wasn't killed and no WJS kids were harmed during the events depicted here... Not even me! But Eva still SMS'd me the next day to see if I was ok and apologize if I was hurt... Such a thoughtful girl!

Here's the real deal, kids: Eva and I are tight, tighter than you might imagine, but we aren't together and there are a few pretty good reasons for that. (Damn it! ;) I DO love the girl to bits, anybody that reads this blog knows that! And what's NOT to love about Eva? Ask her fans! (She has more than most, our "Queen Bee"!)

The "lightning" just hasn't struck yet, with anybody so far... (But the crushes have sure been sweet!) It will, though! I wouldn't have been brought this far not to win the whole proverbial enchilada...

These things go exactly as they're supposed to, I don't know the future, and I'm having so much fun in the present!!! But the woman of my dreams is here somewhere, I can almost feel her... I wonder who she'll turn out to be?

Until then, I'll keep dancing! I think I might have LOTS more pretty girls to meet before something that serious happens... but you never really know, do ya? ;) That's part of the fun too!

MORE FOLLOWS... almost done!