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Monday, December 06, 2004

Rough weekend, kids!

After a spectacular night on Thursday, a successful dinner party for Eva here in Noord, followed by a great time at Club 11 with many of my favourite people, (Party Report Follows... I promise!) my computer crashes late Friday afternoon before I can tell y'all about it!

I had the whole weekend free to catch this up and I spend it doing low-level formats on hard drives... I got her back up late Sunday after a couple rounds of ACLS (Advanced Computer Life Support... ;) and I have to thank my good friend, James, at The Perfect Solution for the emergency consult on a busy Saturday afternoon!

At least I finally got to read "The Da Vinci Code"... (in ONE 5 hour sitting! I think that's when I hurt my back, I was pretty wrapped up in it... ;) Fascinating premise, huh? Woke up some very old knowledge... We'll talk about THAT another time!

But I missed the killer trance party at Paradisco last night... :( Yen Ling and Daan BOTH tried to get me to come out and play! Hmmm... I'll have to get him to do a Party Report for us!

So Ben came by today, just when I needed him and before I had to call... He treated me with bryonia for the lower back pain I'm having :( and I fell asleep within two hours of the dose... I woke feeling a bit better, but I'll go crash back out after I get this post up... It's going to be a BIG weekend coming up in Amsterdam and I gotta be ready for it!

Thanks for the expressed concern, campers... :)