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Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Rutger's back!

Our boy Rutger (Posse Member #2) has returned to Amsterdam! (For the holidays, anyway...) He left for Grad School in the UK before I started this blog, so he's only gotten the occasional mention so far... He's not going to be here so very long, but it's SO good to have him back home!

We met him at Schiphol at 2130 flying in from London... I actually thought the luscious Sigal would be with him, that's what I get for not paying attention... ;) She'll be here soon, tho!

I've already decided that I'll be getting a crush on her! Rutger understands... I know the girl positively rocks (besides being SO very gorgeous!) and I haven't even met her personally yet... He's got it pretty bad, himself!

Rutger has really great taste in beautiful girls! I should know, I still dream about one I met at the Paradisco this last Summer... Redheads make me crazy! (Not that I discriminate... I love them all!)

Rob, Vincent and I met up at Centraal Station to wait for Bob and Daan so we could catch the train to Schiphol. I rode the ferry across and actually got there early for a change... I LOVE to ride that sweet boat!

It must go back to my childhood, all those boats I got to hang out on... It just feels right whenever I get a chance to ride one of those beautiful vessels over from Noord... They're so sleek! (for tiny passenger ferries) Heel sexy! I'll get pics... ;)

So we got to Schiphol in plenty of time to meet our boy... Fortunately, there was a bar in direct line-of-sight of his gate! We ARE talking about my Posse here... We like our beer a lot! ;)

So we get started as the passengers started to trickle out... Eventually, Daan's eagle eye spots Rutger...