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Monday, January 17, 2005

I had no idea!

I had an interesting treat on the ride down to Haarlem Saturday night for dinner with Eva... I'd never actually watched anyone read a post of mine before, I'd brought her a hard copy of the last one because she hadn't seen it yet (she is my number one fan... ;) The look on her face as she read it was truly gratifying to your raconteur... Eva's probably having just a bit more fun reading my stuff than most these days and she tends to be very expressive :), but the thought of all of you, behind your monitors, being touched in some small way... Smiling, laughing out loud, frowning, maybe even crying on some rare occasion... Wow... It's powerful stuff! Just thinking about that, sitting here in Noord tonight, has been an almost overwhelming rush of exhilaration! (and we all know that I really like a good rush... ;)

I had no idea... I've learned something rather important (and especially beautiful) here!

Lots of you have told me (and commented!) about how much you enjoy reading this blog! It feels wonderful and I enjoy hearing it every single time! I just hadn't put all of that love together before...

Flip's testimonial on Hyves should have clued me in, though...

At WickedJazzSounds, Daniëlle told me that she spent much of her Saturday reading just about all of my archives! (I was intensely flattered...)

I started to put things together then, I think

Thinking about actually seeing someone I care about enjoying herself so much because of something I created, then extrapolating upwards for all of the rest of you rowdy campers...

Gets pretty crazy fast, huh?

Feels like magic to me...

Thanks folks!

[Listening to: The Chemical Brothers - Close Your Eyes (Feat. The Magic Numbers)]