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Thursday, January 06, 2005

NYE2004 at Blijburg... It's a current Party Report!!!

Yes campers, I'm back!

With my longest post ever, lots of pics and a great story! Thanks for your patience...

We got a hot tale of just a little bit of sex, the occasional drug and a whole bunch of great dance music! It was New Year's Eve at Blijburg and it was pretty spectacular!

Let's start at the beginning... after I got a haircut up here in Noord that is still giving me Active Duty flashbacks, the issue was transport to the the evening's target! Here in Amsterdam, they have a pretty efficient mass transit system, compared to what we're used to th the States, it's really good! you can get around day or night and they don't usualy give me much shit about the chair on the buses (trams are accessible, but buses aren't... There's a "Handi-van" service as well, but I'm a bit too independent for that! ;) We rely heavily on it here! Except they shut the WHOLE thing down by 2000 (8P) one night of the year... You guessed it!

So you gotta get to your destination early, or get creative. Taxis are pretty tough to order. Don't bother with Taxi Centrale on NYE, a waste of time and credit. Look in the phone book for other taxi numbers to call, we did really well at 2130 this way... My roomie Theo and I got one from Noord and it got us both to our parties with relatively little hassle. If you don't count getting lost on the entry to the beach, which IS kinda tricky...

So I got to Blijburg and they have really set the place up and it looks great! I get to the coat rack and decide to park the chair for the night, distance and duration are getting easier (!) and it's going to be more hassle than help anyway... (It's not the very first time, OHAJP was! I'll catch that story up soon..) So I pull the wheels off and park it by the doors. Pretty cool, huh?

2005 will be the year I can leave that damn wheelchair at home!!!
(Crutches first, but I'm shooting for ambulatory by Spring! I'll do a post about THAT soon too! Stay Tuned... ;)

So I head for the bar and order a beer. I'm sitting there with a big silly grin on my face (not even high yet...) and the cutest bartender came up to me with a pretty smile and not noticing the glass in front of me, asked if I'd been served. "I'm good" I said, motioning toward the beer, "but thanks for asking!" "Oh" she said "you were just smiling so big!' I started to chuckle and said, "I'm just really happy to be here!" Which was a fact, I could already feel it in the air... (Oh, the bartender's name is Cleo, I got to talk to her a bit later on... Very sweet vibe on that pretty girl! :)

I started talking to a guy at the bar from Finland, who was there for dinner with some friends, I do that conversation thing whenever I think it's cool and I meet some of the nicest people that way! So he heads back after a short chat and I order another beer...

The dinner was winding up slowly. Eva was already there, since she had managed to score up on the very last two dinner tix at the last minute (and Misha got to take her). So I SMS'd her about my arrival and she came out to the bar and met me with a big hug and a kiss!

Campers, she was simply radiant! Even more than usual, Eva was glowing like a star! (I know, I know... I'm terribly biased, but I certainly wasn't the only one there who thought so... and a couple of the pics of her on Flickr are getting more hits than any of my others! (They weren't even up here yet) See for yourself! I don't think it's Rutger... ;) Hmmm, how to describe this... how about "smouldering nuclear exuberance, often blazing into a magical inferno"? I think that kinda does it! Oh Yeah, I'm SUCH a fan... :D (She has a collection!)

We went to the table where Misha was still sitting and who would be there but the guy from Finland I met at the bar and his friends! I'd given him a card and when he got back, he told them who he'd just been speaking to, they just laughed! So did I when I heard it... :D I love when that stuff happens... I hung out with all of them for awhile, I talked with Sara the most. She was there with her boyfriend, they were really getting into the Blijburg scene. Sara's from Germany, I believe that it was her first trip to Amsterdam and she was loving it!

The rest of the Posse (those we could snag tix for, anyway! Thanks Caron!) trickled in, Daan and Rutger, Rob, Caspar came with Caroline and Max, more on their adventures in a bit! Roger and Ferco made it as well, so I had a good bunch of friends to play with!

Our impressario, Manne, was standing by as DJ Phil cranked up a smokin first set from CD's, because he was playing at More after he gave us a hot hybrid dose of WickedJazzSounds to get us into the New Year! This party started RIGHT!!!

But midnight was fast approaching, and we headed outside for that portion of the festivities! Everybody grabbed glasses of champagne on the way out... I had a couple of different bottles on stand-by too! They had set the beach up with a BIG bonfire! I love those... Reminds me of my misspent youth on the Illinois river, the whole place does, actually!

Blijburg is on the tip of a manmade island called Ijburg, because it's on the river IJ... Blij means "happy" Get the name now? It was just about the happiest place in Amsterdam on this night! We call it gezellig here... It translates to "cozy" but I've learned that that's just inadequate!

The drums were playing, the fireworks were going off around the horizon, the bonfire was lit, and so were we! *snicker*

I had made an appointment with my cuddliest Posse member, (yeah, HER again... :) for a New Years kiss, good thing too, because our girl was gonna be busy! Eva had lots of people to kiss, but I got to be first! The Chief was last....

It's tough writing about this in retrospect, too much other stuff floods in, but at the time... It was SO fucking beautiful!

The pics look like we were staring, I can't speak for anyone else, but I wasn't!

I didn't need to... I could just about feel it. I still felt like a voyeur and I wasn't alone... (Others present have since validated the phenomeon!)

I said this in the last post, but it bears repeating... "Watching magic happen to people you love and feeling their joy, is second only to actually having it happen to you..."

Since I started with the quotes, I found three more that seem to do this better than I can...

"Love is the ability and willingness to allow those that you care for to be what they choose for themselves, without any insistence that they satisfy you." Dyer, Wayne

The love my friends share with me is unconditional, I have to return the same, or it doesn't work...

"A coward is incapable of exhibiting love; it is the prerogative of the brave." Gandhi, Mahatma

This one makes me feel better about my tendency to "lead with my heart"! Sometimes, it feels like a weakness rather than a strength, but I'll choose to believe otherwise!

"The pain of love is the pain of being alive. It is a perpetual wound." Duffy, Maureen

I have known enitrely too bloody much about pain for a very long time but I've finally learned that if I can't feel pain, I can't feel joy either! I've felt SO very much joy in 2004 that I've needed the last month to help me achieve some measure of balance. Been an interesting term at WickedJazzSounds University, and this was the final exam... I think I aced this one!

One more, because it's so very cool!
"Love is a friendship set to music" Cossman, E. Joseph

I am not projecting this love stuff on them... We can't know what will ultimately happen with Daan and Eva yet, they'll figure it out, or they won't... I choose to hope that they do! Because my two favourite people deserve to be that happy, just like I do! (ALL of the people I love deserve to be as happy someday, if they aren't already... Especially everyone reading this silly blog!!!)

Daan told me that "this is all because of you" The irony isn't lost on me... ;) Maybe that's somewhat true, I think I can see why he might think so.... Eva let me into her life at a time when we both needed someone special, she was unbelivably kind about the spectacular crush I got AND she helped me achieve this amazing transition from wheels to walking! (She's just too tall to have nearly as much fun dancing with her when I'm sitting down! ;) I have to credit Yen Ling for starting the "drag him out of that damn chair" process, but Eva refined the procedure to an art...Daan was around for all of this and my incessant babbling about how wonderful she is must have had SOME effect... then she was inducted into my Posse! So just call me Cupid! :D (and could somebody give me a little scratch under that right wing?!? I can't reach it!!! :)

When this finally happens to me for real, LOOK OUT! I know she's here somewhere... there are times I can feel her... Ranging and DF aren't so clear, she could be almost anywhere, but I think she's close by... We may have already met, but I can't tell for sure just yet...

Writing the above has held me up for days, I could type words, but I was trying to be cute or whatever and it wasn't working out so well... I talked to Daan and a couple other close friends and then I got an email from a new friend of mine...

Eva and I met Paul Gaskin at this year's Cannabis Cup, (actually, she met him at an afterparty we went to at the Get Lucky...) but I've known his dad, Steven and his wife Ida Mae, for years now! Paul found this blog and wanted to say Hi! But he also sent me a link to a beautiful page of Gandhi quotes! I tracked back to root and found the other two three four I used above as well. Reading through a bunch the quotes on love gave me enough perspective to be able to crank out the above in a manner I can actually share with all of you...

After all, this blog IS a theraputic exercise first! (and I finally feel lots better!)

So let's get back to this amazing night of ours! There was more going on on the beach than those two! ;)

I got to meet a very nice girl from the UK, her name is Katy (sp?) and she came to see her favourite band, The Egg! I'll tell y'all about them in a bit... And the rest of the Posse and our friends were rocking out in the light of that great bonfire, watching the fireworks displays of the neighboring locales, drinking champagne and generally loving life! Heerlijk!

The boyz were raging! As you could tell from the pics, all that energy in the air went straight to our heads (both of them, it seems... Testosterone storm!) Rutger was in "Tigger" mode, it's been so very good to have him back for the holidays! Misha, Rob and Caron were acting out... ;) Roger was pretty cool, but Ferco was all over the place, shooting or organizing the pics! Caspar was hanging with Caroline and Max and they joined us on the warm section of the beach... (I'm actually talking about the bonfire now! ;) We were standing (!) just downwind enough to get the heat from that killer fire and we watched it burn down to a mere shell of it's former existence, much like the glorious year we'd just finished...

About this time, I needed to sit the hell down for a bit! It wasn't yet 0100 and I was exhausted! My second (ok, maybe third ;) wind came pretty fast though... The Egg had started their set and the temperature was rising fast inside! I've never heard a live act that made such dancy music! It's hard to describe, I'll have to buy some... I've been into the DJ thing hard, but my horizons have been expanded! We were dancing right up front and I got to talk to Katy again, I could see why they flew in for the show... Ya have to love a band that a loyal following like that! I met her friend too, but her name got lost in the rush...

From here, the night starts to blur a bit ;) 100% Isis spun a seriously hot set the rest of the night to take us out! I've been loving lady DJ's for a while now, but you don't get to see as many of them in the clubs we go to, which is a damn shame! Esther (AKA: DJ S-ter) would probably still have to be my favourite though... I resolve to make an effort to go where they play more often in 2005!

I don't want to forget talking to Marieke! Had an extremely interesting discussion with the girl... There are pics of her and I talking as well as her and the lovely Rose with Ferco towards the end.. He did a great job getting the pics taken and up in record time! (The delay here was all mine! :) We just HAD to induct him into the Posse... There's one other name being bandied about... ;) and Yen Ling gets hers when she starts making more gigs again! Daan said so!

So we come towards the end of this week's episode, we left Blijburg, eventually catching a taxi to Centraal Station, where we split up, plans of afterparty being hampered by lack of planning and a bit of exhaustion! Misha and I were heading towards the ferry to Noord and my phone goes off! It's 0600 or so and I wasn't expecting to be hearing from anybody...Yen Ling was by Dam Square with friends, they were afterpartying and did I want to join them?

It took about half a second to decide, but I was a bit impaired...;)

My favourite NYE2004 pics!
By Ferco and the rest of The Posse!

I promised pics and pics you shall have, they're below in no particular order! Had a few too many to post, so check the rest out on Flickr!

The titie just about says it all...

[Listening to: Oasis - Champagne Supernova]