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Monday, January 10, 2005

Party Report #2-05: Noodlanding at the Paradisco! (06JAN05)

It was just about perfect, no, in fact it WAS perfect! I can't stop grinning, thinking about the night we had at Paradiso on Thursday!!!

Started out kinda silly... It was a very minor ado about nothing, of course! (Told ya so, didn't I? ;) Easy to say that now... It was a bit nervous making to start with!

I headed into town with Hessel and Berger to catch a tram toward de Pijp... I was gonna hang with Joey until I hooked up with the Posse at Paradiso...

The city was PACKED with people at 2100! There was a massive benefit concert for All4Asia and Amsterdammers, always ready to party for a good cause, proceeded to rock this place from stem to stern! From the epicenter at de Dam and throughout the world's smallest big city they RAGED against the pain we're all feeling!

I was so very proud!

Because sometimes things just suck so horribly that the only thing you can think to possibly do, in some attempt to try to help, is what you're best at! Fish swim, birds fly, Amsterdammers party...

The afterparty for the concert was at Melkweg and sadly, I couldn't attend... My plans had been set LONG before this!

I found myself in the midst of it because I couldn't get to Joey's... The trams going to De Pijp were down for the event, so I had to make my way to the Leidseplein and hang out at my favourite coffeeshop, De Rokerij!

You never really know how these things will turn out, huh?

I met a beautiful young lady from Minnesota, she's in town for a class on sexuality... My favourite subject! :D Her name is Jill and she's all blonde and cute and stuff! I told her I thought she was definitely in the right place! This is such a sexy city!

So we talked a bit of shop! ;)

The time flew by, as such things do... Never find it easy to leave pretty girls behind, but I had a mission! I made my way to the Paradisco...

As soon as I got within sight of the objective, I could see a huge line! The Posse doesn't DO lines, (if it can be helped, that is... ;) so I got on the mobile to quarterback our deployment... It took just a few minutes to collect an entry team and access the building, the Chief scarfed up enough tix for the Posse and our guests... We were pushing it just a bit, but they let us!

We were down and clear in record time!

I say this a lot, but the Paradiso staff, from the bar backs to the management, is great! They always go out of their way to make me feel welcome there! They even gave me my own interior key to hold on to for the night... (For the "secret" elevator and the private bathroom! ;) I haven't been there in too damn long, but I won't be such a stranger...

So we're in the front of the club and waiting for Daan to check coats when they start to play one of my very favourite songs: "If Ever I Feel Better" by Phoenix! I grab Rob and Vinnie and head in immediately! The main zaal still wasn't so thick by then and "my" corner of the floor (up front, stage right...) was still relatively clear, so I took advantage of the situation and started making that chair fly! I've been ditching the equipment earlier and earlier, so I hadn't really "aired it out" on wheels in a while... It IS fun! But if you possibly have a choice, dancing vertically is much sexier! (Of course, there's horizontal dancing too... ;)

"Better" really sums up the last year for me and I listen to it often, so dancing to it in one of my favourite places was absolutely required! It was a good omen for sure!

The place filled up fast! Lots and lots of pretty, but oh SO young, meisjes were there early, school was still out, think 16 or so... The little kittens were on rat patrol too, mashing up Jay Z a bit... (Eva's take: "strange thing all those babies are allowed to go out that late at night.." Yeah, isn't it? *snicker*) but the entire babe count was extermely high across the board! It actually rivaled the Girls Love DJ's show last year, which is REALLY saying something!

But some of the very best girls there were with us!... ;) And we got exactly zero pics to show y'all... :( We'll try to do better!

Eva was in her customary fine form this evening! All dancy and stuff in that yummy black dress... (D & E were trying SO hard to be cool around "formerly involved" parties... They did fine, but I don't know how they managed it! Daan may just be realizing how much of the very best kind of trouble he's in for... ;)

Sanne was there with Percival (See? I remembered! ;) and they were beyond cute! He's an actor... and really nice! I've always had a soft spot in my heart for actresses, my first four serious relationships (and three others...) were with girls I met doing theater in school and the Army... I was SO hooked on THOSE girls! (but always and especially Robie, of course... She's the only one acting professionally too! :) I don't think that Sanne's particularly into actors, but they CAN be habit forming... :D The consensus (from those of us that discussed it ;) is that we like him!

I don't get to see this girl often enough these days! We've gotten to dance on some truly memorable nights, like the Chemistry party after the Gay Parade last summer! (and a lot of WickedJazzSounds gigs!) THAT was an outrageous day! (and I'd done just a leetle bit, OK, a lot, of of a certain psychedelic compound, that shall remain nameless, to watch the parade earlier ;) Daan and Rutger met me, we found the girls and I learned more about "tactical rolstoel dancing" in one incredible night.. May just have to try to come back to that one! It's pretty well seared into my memories... (I still dream about Joelle! Marlous too, singers are every bit as sexy as actresses can be... and she was a redhead too! I got a soft spot in my head for them... ;)

When the definitive "History of The Posse" is written it must be noted that Sanne was one of the original female Posse members, along with with Yen Ling... Upon his appointment, the Chief instituted his short-lived but obnoxious "No Girls in The Posse" regulation, effectively whisking us back into the 19th Century for a seemingly interminable time, (It was a long time for ME anyway, I like LOVE girls! ;) which was only recently rectified on Eva's induction! (I almost had to insist, but she'd quietly and effectively danced her adorable way into ALL our hearts by then! Now there's one more Posse reg about to fall by the wayside too... *chuckle* ;)

But your raconteur digresses... while talking about beautiful girls, of course!

Yen Ling made a spectacular entrance, dancing up to me with her cute friends! I'd met them along her soon-to-be infamous NYE afterparty run! (I'll never tell... :) She's not seen me park the chair before... and she "started it" at Paradiso all those months ago!!! WAY beyond cool to finally share this with her too!

Yen Ling was my very first hard crush, Eva's been my second... They have taught me SO much! (and according to both, they're not done with my education yet... I got more to learn before I actually do this stuff for real!) I'm an extremely fortunate man, to have such good friends! Any volunteers for third? Don't worry, I'll probably find her soon enough... (Daan says he can't wait for my #3... Hmmmmm, wait a minute! ;)

While we're on the subject of very pretty girls, (because it is my favourite!) I have to mention the lovely Iris! We all met when Bob, brought her to 11 the last time we went. Bob has known just about everybody in the Posse for years, so our paths cross on a regular basis. Like when we all picked Rutger up at Schiphol... If circumstances were a little different, Eva and Iris could be really good friends, they have a lot in common! (Besides Bob... ;)

These weren't the only yummy girls hanging out with us on this amazing night, but they are the ones I had the most fun with!

Renato, Rakesh, Robin and Sander rounded out our roster nicely too! But I almost forgot Wendy! There were more nice folks with us, but it's hard to keep track after a while... ;)

Rutger's party was shaping up SO nicely!!! By the time he arrived with Sigal, Noodlanding was in seriously FULL swing! We were dancing our butts off, in a swirling, seemingly random pattern so all us guys got to dance with all of "our" girls, over and over and over!

The music was simply tremendous! Our DJ's were on fire tonight and I got a chance to tell one of them that at one point too! They played most of the very hottest stuff from the collection of personal favourites I've amassed since "Waking up"! I'd start to get tired and they'd play yet another song that I'd just have to dance to! Somewhere below there's a small list of the songs that really "stuck out" for me... There were so many others, I couldn't even begin to try to keep track! I've never danced to hard and so long in vertical mode in more years that I'd care to ponder! God, it was good! I took some breaks, of course, but they never seemed to last very long... ;)

But this WAS Rutger's party! Dancing is one of the things he loves best, so somebody must have tipped off our DJs to our need for a special night... Nah, we're not usually that organized ;)

I choose to believe that, among many other things, every special night out is a gift of the Goddess and She's been very, very good to me!

Speaking of special, it was SO great to finally get to meet Sigal! She was a bit jet lagged and I can just imagine how overwhelming the whole scene might have been for her... Besides the throbbing Paradisco action blasting around her, she had all of us very curious folks to contend with! (Eva says "We're so scary!" ;) We've been hearing about Sigal (and loving the pics ;) since Rutger met her at school in Bournemouth! She's from Costa Rico and I'm not sure that she's ever been to Amsterdam before... (Daan says she has, not too hard to believe! ;) I hope this visit was everything they wanted it to be! Made an exquisite excuse for a party! (Not that we really need an excuse to party... ;)

Noted tunage:
The first song we danced to was "If Ever I Feel Better"!!!!!!!!
Mylo - Drop The Pressure: So rox! Sanne saw this guy!
Terror Squad - Lean Back: I'd just gotten back from a long roll through the packed floor, the Posse put up a perimeter around the chair and I did!
Outkast - Roses and Hey Ya!
Eric Prydz vs. Steve Winwood - Call on Me
Freestylers - Push Up
Missy - Get Ur Freak On: and so we did! ;)
Maroon 5 - This Love
Beyonce - Krazy in Luv
Jay Z - 99 Problems
There were SO MANY MORE!

To all of the other people who were there that night:
Thanks to all of you for sharing this magical night with me and all my friends! The mad respect and love that y'all show me (on every visit!) has been a big part of this process... It's an honor to share this with you too!

[Listening to: George Michael - Amazing ]