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Wednesday, January 19, 2005

PARTY REPORT #4-05: WickedJazzSounds at De Kring!

The thought that kept running through my head as I left last Saturday night's slammin' party at De Kring was:

"Now I'm supposed to write about this?!?"

Manne: "You're the one that started that blog..." Um... Yeah, that would me me... *gulp*

Fear not, campers... I'm on the case! A decent day of sleep has helped give me the proper perspective to make a run at this, so lets get started!

Eva and I hit the objective almost precisely at midnight... Marianne was at the door and we were listed!

(Hi Ho, Hi Ho, it's off to party we go... Eh, Snow White? ;)

We roll in and... It's still pretty empty...

I wasn't even slightly worried, confidently predicting a great night to DJ Phil... Because I personally knew of two large groups that were "in the air" as we spoke... Not to mention the Posse! We could pull this party off all by ourselves, if we'd just had to... ;)

Attendance at this session of WickedJazzSounds wasn't gonna be an issue at all! We started getting reports of a line, down that big staircase, all the way out the door and spilling outside!

Gotta love when that happens... (Especially Manne! ;)

The anticipation was building rapidly as the crowd started to swell...

I spent most of that time swinging the chair around and saying hello to all my friends coming in while there was still space... Bernice was singing so hot.. And just looking so sweet and cuddly and stuff! :) Phil and Boris were rockin it! Laurence plays the sweetest guitar and football with my buddy Hessel, it seems! (I fucked his name up again later that night, I was pretty high by that point... And Remy has a big mouth! ;)

I saw Casper and Myrle early, which is always a pleasure!

Pete got there, he brought one of those big groups in, and accompanying him was Jen and Nikki... (They accompanied him home too... but that's another story! ;)

They're cute (and uninhibited!) Aussie chicklets, and it's the best time of year to be seeing lots of them here!

These pretty girls joined me on the dancefloor early, while I was spinning, and several other times through the night. They were sweet!

I've found from experience that the earlier that some pair of girls start kissing each other at a party, the crazier the night will probably turn out... Pretty reliable omen, actually, and it began before 0100!

I had to get the chair parked... It was getting crowded fast!

Nice to have a choice now, huh? (Damn right it is!)

Eva's good friend, Daniëlle, got to the party and she was looking fierce! Very posh and stuff, with her hair up in that black hat, a very sparkly choker, black halter top and pretty slacks... Lots of fun to dance with, I'd told her that if she showed up for one more session, she'd get her "WJS Girl" wings!

But looking back, between her "performance" this evening, reading most of this entire blog in one day and liking "real" jazz... (she was at Roger's gig too, it's always so good to hear classic live jazz!) and being so nice to me, of course! "Miss Lioness" passes the "WickedJazzSounds Girl" Qualification Course without sweating the attendance requirement! :D

Bob, celebrating his 24th B-day, arrived with another big group and his very pretty girl, Iris! It was their first WickedJazzSounds, and I think they liked it! (They read this stuff too! She liked what I wrote about her... :) My operatives are telling me that this sweet young thing is only 18... Is that possibly correct?!? Wow, even I would've guessed a little bit older! Iris has a bit more poise than one might expect in an 18 year old! (But I've been running into another rather poised 18 year old of late, too... :)

Don't worry, Bob, I'm the last guy to talk any trash about age difference! ;)

The Posse was well represented, although a bit scattered through the thick crowd! Daan rolled a superlative tulip for the occasion! Rob and friend left a bit early with Misha, and Renato was raging! Caspar was chillin;, having a good time...

The music just got better and better and the room was smokin' hot!

I got to hang with two of my very favourite WJS Girls from the "good old days"! Emma and Maria were both there for a pleasant change! Emma was all "Where's the chair?!?" She gave me one of the sweetest hugs I got all evening... Maria and I were both pretty buzzed by the time our paths crossed, I had to sit down for awhile after all the dancing I'd been doing(!), but they kept playing the good stuff, so I kept getting up! She's just fun!

Lots of us regulars were there, with scads of newbies! The vibe was certainly hot, but the phrase that kept coming up, among those of us "in the know", was: "I miss Sundays..."

So do I, campers... So do I!

Then Lous arrived, way late into this game! Looking great, and extremely cuddly and stuff! (I never need an excuse to cuddle a pretty girl!) She hadn't seen me vertical so much either!

As much as I could envy Daan, (at times anyway... ;) I wouldn't trade places! He'll figure it all out eventually...

So I got to dance with the scrumptious Eva for an appropriate rendition of: "Don't You Worry 'Bout a Thing" (She was wondering if they knew... It was chillingly cool timing, that's for sure! ;)

As the night came to a close, I got to speak to our lovely door girl, Marianne! She's very interesting! We talked about Psychiatric practice in the States, as the crowd dwindled...

We hung out with the crew, Reuben showed up late too, and there was lots to talk about... But those of us that had to leave, did... Back down that big staircase...

The night ended with Eva doing "Trust Falls" into our arms, I even got up to catch her once...

I had no earthly idea how I was gonna write this then, but it seems to have turned out OK! The night sure did!

[Listening to: Incognito - Givin' It Up (Roger Sanchez Uplifting Mix)]

I'll have to edit a bit, but my fans are just starting to give me shit, and I'm going out tonight, so here y'all go!