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Monday, January 17, 2005

Song of the Day!

Here's some brand new magic for you!

[Listening to: The Chemical Brothers - Close Your Eyes (Feat. The Magic Numbers)]

"In your eyes, I can see that you're cracking up... and it pains my head"

OMG Kids, this IS the creamiest, sweetest, sexiest CB tune I've ever heard! The lyrics are SO dreamy and tell of one wanting to relieve the pain of a love gone wrong for someone else...

Perfect for Valentine's Day, because it's so unbelievably romantic!

Swirling, soaring, keyboards, bells, drums, nice synth touches, a tambourine and some of the nicest sets of vocals I've heard in a long time... Ends with a luscious acoustic guitar playing out..

You could even slow dance to it under the right conditions...

Ohhhhh, damn! That's a really sexy thought!

Volunteers? ;)

I'm only listening to it for the third fourth fifth ok, tenth time! I just looped it... The mixes will be spectacular! (I can't wait!!!)

I just placed this as a tip on Hyves too...

Slam this one down on the counter of your favourite CD shop, just as soon as you possibly can! (You'll be behind me...) Their new album: "Push The Button" is hereby and officially required, because it's ALL good!!! :D (It'll be released in about a week... ;)

[Still Listening to: The Chemical Brothers - Close Your Eyes (Feat. The Magic Numbers)]