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Monday, January 10, 2005

Status Report/Current Events

The last two posts are LONG and that seems to be coming from the simple fact that I feel more these days... After a long drought, the dijk seems to have broken and now I seem to be cranking out more content in fewer posts than before... Interesting phenomenon, we'll see where it goes!

Please feel free to comment on the posts, I can use the feedback and it's fun to get them from y'all!

You'll finally get to see some major changes around here for the new year! We're prepping the new server at, Movable Type will allow much more creativity, not to mention organization of the content and I'm producing a podcast of some sort that I hope you will love! More on that soon!

And finally:
Almost ALL of my friends have done something for the effort in Asia, if you haven't, why the hell not?

[Listening to: Luie Hond - Nummertje]